Double patchim


  Double patchim means that two consonats are piled up. 12 kinds double patchim exist like following. 


ㄱ k꺾다, 닦다, 볶다
ㅅ t있다, 했다
ㄱ k품삯, 몫
ㄴ n앉다
ㄴ n많이, 않다, 괜찮아요
ㄹ l싫어, 뚫다, 잃다
ㄹ l핥다, 훑소
ㅂ p없다, 값지다
ㄱ k낡다, 읽다, 닭고기, 늙은이, 맑음
ㅁ m닮다, 젊은이, 닮고
ㅍ p읊조리다
*여덟, 짧다, 넓다, 얇다

"ㄳ", " ㄵ", " ㄶ", " ㅀ", " ㄾ", " ㅄ", the two patchim piled up different consonat are pronunced on the left side. On the other hand, "ㄺ", " ㄻ", " ㄿ", are pronunced right side. 


*The way to pronunce the last patchim "ㄼ" is following. 

In case of a word which includes this patchim is a word as adjective, it should be pronunced on the left side. But a word is as verb, we have to pronunce it by right side.

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